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Ernie Svenson began clerking for a federal trial judge, then practiced law for 26 years. He’s traveled the country speaking to bar associations and trade groups about PDF software, social media, e-discovery, cloud computing, iPads & iPhones, and—of course—paperless lawyering.

He’s a regular speaker at the ABA TechShow. He wrote Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers, and more recently: Acrobat in One Hour for Lawyers (both ABA publications). He’s received wide acclaim for his Ernie the Attorney, and PDF for Lawyers blogs. And for his guitar-playing & singing? Not so much.

andrewl.060413.rhr12-180x180Andrew Legrand
started a virtual law firm right after graduating from law school in 2011. He serves business clients around the country, making use of technology in novel ways. For example, he used visual mindmap in a presentation before the New Orleans City Council.

Andrew strives at all times for stellar client service; but he also wants to maintain a sensible work-life balance.  His rapid success is truly remarkable, and has captured media attention from Forbes, Business Insider, and Mo.com.

Adriana Linares runs LawTech Partners, which teaches lawyers to get more from software they already own. She also helps the Florida Bar, and Osceola County Bar. Mainly, she’s an exceptional speaker and explainer.

Busy lawyers typically mope into seminars, with high stress levels and low expectations. But when Adriana pierces into a lively (often humorous) explanation of Microsoft Outlook, their heads spring up. They look down only to quickly scribble the useful feature she just demystified—always in short, easy-to-follow steps.

She routinely speaks at the ABA TechShow, and at state bar associations. She lives, eats, breathes (and sometimes dreams) Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, and Adobe Acrobat. Adriana speaks fluent Spanish, and has been hired for consulting jobs in Spain, Brazil and Venezuela. Finally, to set the record straight: she has nothing against lawyers who use Wordperfect, but wishes they’d stop gloating about “reveal codes.”

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